I am currently employed as consultant in the position of End-to-End Monitoring Project Lead and Program Architect for the largest global restaurant chain in the world. My role is to architect a global monitoring solution for the mission-critical financial, logistic and e-commerce applications in order to meet end-user perceived availability SLAs of modern times. My assignment ends on 04/2012.

I have finalized my Ph.D studies @ Northwestern University in June 2011.

Research interests span spatio-temporal data management, distributed event-based processing, routing in Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks. Most recent focus comprises performance and security analysis of routing protocols in large-scale distributed embedded systems, addressing confidentiality, integrity and authentication concerns.

In 2006 I have obtained my Master’s Degree, based on the development of SIDnet-SWANS – a large scale wireless sensor network simulator.

As a personal note, I am passionate about large scale telemetry, monitoring applications and automation/orchestration. I am open for contact from those who share a common passion, business or strategic interest, or work in related civil engineering, environment, security/defense (including DoD), or high-volume trading domains.

Prior employment range multiple domains

- World Evolved Services, LLC, which is the second venture for Heidi Messer and Stephen Messer, the sister and brother team who founded, built, and sold LinkShare Corporation. Attributions consisted of research and development of a secure, scalable and high-performance distributed flow control system for a large scale service-oriented infrastructure. Specific duties included research of recently-published approaches to DIFC systems, formal specification of the solution, feasibility and projected performance analysis, project planning, risk assessment, scheduling, progress tracking and implementation.

I have previously obtained the Master’s Degree, in 2006, @ Northwestern University, upon a 2 years development of SIDnet-SWANS, an open-source system-integrated java-based simulator for wireless sensor networks applications.

A public showcase, in 2006, of the freshly released SIDnet-SWANS simulator granted me an immediate and open invitation to join a fast-paced team at BEA Systems, Inc, San Francisco. I have accepted it! In a manner of weeks I’ve become a core developer for BEA’s mainline ‘complex event processing engine’ CEP, a component of the WebLogic Event Server WL EvS. R&D, focused on performance profiling, tuning and optimizations via critical path analysis. For more information, again, please refer to the resume on the right. In 2007, a couple of months after the successful (SPAC certified) release of WL EvS, BEA Systems has been acquired by Oracle, Inc. After the acquisition, I have resumed full-time PhD studies.

Beforehand, I have been covering a mix of professional backgrounds. As a Motorola Scholar during the last year 2001-2002 of undergraduate studies (@”Politechnica” University of Bucharest), I’ve collaborated to a dual-DSP adaptive control system prototype and published a corresponding article to 14th CSCS International Conference. This complemented the control-system education with embedded software and hardware prototyping. Being proficient in control systems theory and having good multi-tasking abilities, I have managed to concommitantly co-author a book on the same topic during my last year of undergraduate studies.

These summarize my professional background. For more information, please refer to my current resume.