Industry Track Record

Industry Track Summary

  • 2010-2012. True Consulting, Chicago
    Business Technical Analyst
    Enterprise Architect;
    Program Architect, Project Lead and Service Manager for an End-to-End Global Monitoring Solution
  • 2009-2010. Software Engineer @World Evolved Services, LLC, New York
  • 2006-2007. Software Engineer @BEA Systems, San Francisco/Bay Area
  • 2001-2001. Software & Hardware Engineer @Motorola DSP Center, Bucharest, Romania

Detailed Industry Track

True Consulting, LLC, Oak Brook, USA  (Consultant)


  • Managed, architected and delivered solutions in multiple projects while taking several concurrent roles in a very dynamic, fast paced, business-oriented environment.

Business Technical Analyst

  • Subject matter expert, provided cost-effective technical solutions to satisfy given business requirements
  • Performed architecture evaluation, technical analysis w/ TCO variants, risk assessment, business impact analysis and end-to-end system certifications for global mission critical applications within client’s applications’ landscape
  • Helped evaluating cost-effective disaster recovering solutions

 Enterprise Architect

  • Designed infrastructure and environment strategy to support full release management cycles for Human Resource Management applications; technical features: high-availability, global single instance model , leveraging Oracle software layer and hardware based on V-Block w/ EMC/FAST technologies.
  • Worked in a team of architects for designing an Active Directory-based security layer and its integration with Oracle-based (Oracle EBS, Oracle HRMS) applications.
  • Helped achieve a $1M+ in savings on a claim-based authentication solutions for client’s global human resource management systems and business suite applications.

Program Architect & Lead

  • Designed an end-to-end monitoring solution compliant with the latest Application Performance Management standards and technologies for the client (one of the largest restaurant chains in the world). Monitoring solution included modern customer experience monitoring (capabilities similar to WebTrends), cross-tier visibility and correlation (web-tier, application-tier, DB-tier), WAN, message queues, and OS-level monitoring, including JVM/.Net real-time profiling for rapid root-cause analysis.
  • Subsequently, designed the underlying processes and procedures, assignment of roles and responsibilities, to enable a SaaS delivery model based ITIL v3 standards.
  • Assigned, lead and managed a team of distributed on-shore and off-shore resources to provide 24×7/365 monitoring service for mission and business critical applications
  • Managing war-room/crisis incidents diagnosis, actively participating in troubleshooting efforts side-by-side with the managed teams to enable rapid application functionality restoration.
  • Achieved an estimated $50,000+ savings in first 6 months of trial-service for the first client application, with plans to expand coverage to all mission critical applications.

World Evolved Services, LLC,
 New York, USA (Startup/Hedge Fund)

System Analyst & Software Engineer

  • Developed core infrastructure for a secure, scalable and high-performance distributed flow control system for a large scale service-oriented system. Specific duties include research of recently-published approaches to DIFC systems, formal specification of the solution, feasibility and projected performance analysis, project planning, risk assessment, scheduling, progress tracking and implementation. Post-development, I conducted Quality Assurance tests, performance profiling, optimizations and documentation.
  • Implemented two high-speed services:
    (1) a core multithreaded session service to support user/service authentication and correspondingly, session management

(2) XEV, a proof of concept complex event processor under the new infrastructure.

  • Skills & Tools: J2EE, RESTful Web Services, MySQL, jUnit, JBoss, Jira
    OpenUP (RUP+Agile) based project planning   


BEA Systems, Inc,
 San Francisco, USA

Software Engineer

  • Developed systems for  BEA’s mainline “complex event processing engine”, a core component of the WebLogic Event Server WL EvS. R&D, focused on performance profiling, tuning and optimizations, employing critical path analysis. Project served as middleware component in high-speed trading industry, where both latency and throughput performance are critically important.
  • Skills & Tools: Java, Algorithms, jRockit, jProfiler, SOA, Perforce 

Motorola DSP Center,
 Bucharest, Romania

        SW/HW Engineer

  • Prototyped software/hardware solutions based on Motorola DSP 56858 chips, for a frequency analyzer towards model-identification of dynamic systems in control systems engineering.
  • Skills & Tools: C++(CodeWarrior), Assembling, Circuit & PCB design (OrCad)