Teaching Assistanship

Teaching PID Control

I have always received high gradings from students whom I thought from the position of a Teaching Assistant. That encouraged me to continue filling such role through my academic years, and as a result, I have managed to teach a number of diverse courses. My effort has been recognized in 2009, when I have nominated and awarded the “Best Teaching Assistant Award” 

“Politehnica” University of Bucharest

  • Linear Control Systems Theory – (1x)

Northwestern University (2003-2011)

  •  Data Management and Information Processing – (4x, e.g. 4 times tough in 4 consecutive years)
  •  Advanced Programming (C/C++) for Computer Engineers (2x)
  •  Information Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks – (2x)
  •  Introduction to Computer Systems (C, OO) – (1x)
  •  Applications of Electronic Devices – (1x)
  •  Introduction to Feedback/Control Systems – (1x)
  •  Fundamentals of Circuits – (2x)